Most Valuable Player

I learned this great song from my friend Bob Reid.

I know a kid used to play on my team
The most valuable player I know
That player wasn’t the best at the game
But to me that kid looked like a pro

He played hard, played fair, treated other kids with care
No matter what the scoreboard said
That kid came out a winner
Always won the game

No we had some games where nothing went right
And we would be badly behind
That kid kept trying and never gave up
Till we were all out of time

Now some of us kids think the referee hates us
So once in a while why not cheat
But that kid would always play by the rules
Even though we might get beat

Now some of his teammates would make a mistake
By kicking the ball the wrong way
But that kid would never give us a hard time
Just say good try that’s okay

So anytime now I play on a team
I want that kid on my side
I know that I can play that way too
It’s finally time that I tried
I’ll play hard I’ll play fair
I’ll treat the other kids with care
No matter what the scoreboard says
I’ll come out a winner
Always win the game

By Minnie O’Leary, © Tomas O’Leary


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