Oh No, Not Again

Just one of those days. I was thinking “Miss Mary Mack”, but Steve, the drummer, had different things in mind.

Early this morning, put on my clothes
Brushed my teeth, wiped my nose
But the trouble really stared down at my feet
I slipped my shoes on nice and neat
I pulled on the laces like I always do
But the darn things broke right in two
The laces broke put me in a jam
I gotta go, but here I am

Oh no (Oh no)
Not again (Not again)
It seems this day (It seems this day)
Will never end (Will never end)
Oh mommy mommy what can I do
I broke my lace so I can’t tie my shoe

So I asked Daisy to go to the store
And buy me a shoelace, cause I need one more
She said she’d go, said “I won’t squawk
But first you have to sweep my walk”
So I went to sweep her walk, bing bang boom!
But I couldn’t do it, cause I couldn’t find a broom

I asked Joe for a broom to borrow
I said “I need it today and not tomorrow”
He said “Fine.” He said, “That’s okay
But first please take my trash away”
Well I went to take the trash, I was ready to start
But I couldn’t do it, cause I didn’t have a cart

So I asked Anne for a cart she’d lend
So all my troubles would finally end
She said, “Sure. That’s just fine
But first please fix this roof of mine”
I went to fix her roof, and saw what was the matter
But I couldn’t do it cause I didn’t have a ladder

So I asked Sam for a ladder to climb
And fix some roof that wasn’t mine
Sam said “Sure. That’s not hard
But first you’ve got to rake my yard”
I said, “All right. That’s a piece of cake”
But I couldn’t do it cause I didn’t have a rake

I asked Debbie. I said, “Oh please
Lend me a rake. I’m on my knees.”
She said she would. She said, “That’s that.
But first you have to feed my cat”

I said, “Okay!” So I fed her cat
And that was that
And I got a rake
Like a piece of cake
And I raked Sam’s yard
And it wasn’t hard
And I got a ladder
And saw what was the matter
The roof wasn’t mine
But I fixed it fine
Anne gave me a cart
So I could start
Took the trash away
Joe said, “Okay”
I got a broom
With a bing bang boom
And I swept Daisy’s walk
And she didn’t squawk
She went to the store
For one lace more
I tied my show
And that was through
But I looked at the clock
And scratched my head
Cause it was time
To go to bed

© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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