One More Story

Friends along the highway
Pals upon the road
All that time together 
We shared each other’s load
Now here you are at my door
With sand still in your shoes
Come on in and let me hear the news

Tell me one more story before you go
I’m sure there’s more to say
There’s more that we should know
There’s no reason for you leavin’
If you’ve still got seeds to sow
Tell me one more story before you go

Where have you been traveling?
Tell me how you been
Let the yarn unravel
Let the tales begin
Of the forests and the mountains
The sand along the sea
Fill the room with magic for me


Tell me of the loves you won
Tell me what you lost
Tell me of the lessons learned
Tell me what they cost
Tell me of the times
When you sank in your despair
And the times when you couldn’t have a care


When the tales are told
You don’t have any more
It’s time to get back on the road
I’ll show you to the door
There’s still time for me and you
So don’t lace up your shoes
‘Cause when you’re done
I’ll tell a story, too


© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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