Sleep the Whole Day Through

Written the morning of the recording session with Mary, Duke, Vinny and Keith. Nice solo by Keith on piano, huh?

I got a brother ‘bout the age of fifteen
He’s a teenager, if you know what I mean
I get up every morning and get myself fed
Four hours later, he’s still in bed

Oh brother, what is wrong with you?
You know you’ve got to get up,
You’ll sleep the whole day through

I get my breakfast and go outside
I get on my bike and take a ride
I come back later after playing all day
He’s still in his bed just sleeping away


He finally gets up around four o’clock
He stumbles downstairs like he’s still in shock
He goes into the kitchen for some jelly and bread
He gets back to his room and climbs back in bed


You can call out his name, you can knock on the door
Does no good, you can hear him snore
You can’t see him, goodness knows
‘Cause his whole room’s buried ‘neath a pile of clothes


© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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