That’s What Friends Are For

This started out as a kid’s song, ended up being for adults and now is on a kid’s recording. It’s for the adults that are going to hear it.

If you’ve got potatoes
and I got tomatoes
We could have dinner together
If you got a raincoat
and I got a tugboat
We’ll sail no matter the weather
If I had some money
and the sky was sunny
We could spend the day
by the shore
You know I’d be glad
to share what I had
That’s what friends are for

If you’re down on your luck
You don’t have a buck
There’s holes in the toes
of your shoes
You’re scrounging for pennies
You can’t find any,
you’ve got nothing left to lose
Don’t you worry about dollars
Just give me a holler a whistle
and yodel-ay-ee-ooo
If I got a nickel we’ll go buy a pickle
I’d be happy to share it with you


If the job that you’ve got
just makes your mind rot
Everybody takes you for granted
You’re frying your mind to five from nine
And you feel like
you’re on the wrong planet
Don’t mess with those blues
You’ve got nothing to lose
In walking from a place like that
Why we can sing in the streets
and be light on our feet
We’ll split what goes into the hat


When you get older
People get colder
Don’t give you the time of day
They just ignore you
They don’t care for you
Just cause your hair’s gone grey
Don’t feel alone
Get on the phone
Dial my number give me a ring
I’ll be that way too
wearing corrective shoes
We can get together and sing


© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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