That’s Where You Come From

I was working in the garden when I
Found you ‘neath a cabbage leaf
I came running through the yard, when I
Held you up she said “Good grief”
We hosed you off and brought you in
We could have put you back again
Your face was pink, your butt was bare
We still don’t know how you got there
I know this may sound dumb
But that’s where you came from

I was in the dormitory
When she came in she caught my eye
In the middle of a story, I stopped and stared as she walked by
I drove my friend’s old Impala
She wore clothes from Guatemala
I wrote songs, she worked in clay
We walked through fields of new mown hay
I know this may sound dumb
But that’s where you come from

I was feeling really wired from drinking coffee all night long
She was feeling really tired, I hear her say “I’m not this strong”
She yelled at me “This is the worst!”
She pushed and you came out head first
Your head was shaped just like a gourd
The midwife said “You cut the cord”
We all were kind of numb
And that’s where you came from

Ask me no questions I’ll tell you no lies
Try all these answers I give on for size
I’m not the one that can say what is true
You choose the story that makes sense to you

I was thinking that maybe you’re really from distant star
When you showed up as a baby you already were who you are
We didn’t really do that much
You answered to the lightest touch
We gave you juice and cheerios
And held your hand til you let go
I know this may sound dumb
But I don’t know where you’re from
I know this may sound dumb
But that’s where you come from

© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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