There Goes My Brother Again

I’ve saved my nickels,
I’ve saved my dimes,
I’ve saved my quarters too
I’ve got twelve dollars
up in my room
Here’s what I’m going to do:
Down at the toy store
I saw a model,
one that I want to buy
I’m going out the door
when my mom says,
“Your brother’s going to cry
please take him with you”
“Ah, mom!”
So I take my brother down to the toy store,
we get there and walk inside
I’m looking all around for the model,
the one that I want to buy
When up comes a lady
who works at the store,
“Young man” I hear her say
“If this is your brother,
he just broke a toy and
somebody’s going to pay,
Eleven ninety five, please”
Oh, there goes my brother again,
ruining all of my plans

I know I should love him
I know what they say
and I would
if he’d just go away

After I spend all day at school
I run the whole way home
I’m gonna meet my friends
at the ball field
I’m gonna go alone
But when I get there,
my father is waiting,
there’s something he has to do
He says, “Here’s your brother, all alone
Please take him along with you”
“Oh dad!”
So I take my brother
down to the ball field
He says he wants to play
I say he can’t so he starts to cry
so I let him have his way
But as soon as we start
he gets hit in the face
By a ball that
my friend Bobby throws
He gets a nose bleed,
he starts to scream
And I have to take him home, oh


My mother tells me
my brother is sick
They don’t know what to do
They go and take him down to the doctor
She says, “He has the flu”
He stays in bed for almost a week
So sick he can hardly smile
And although he bugs me,
I still kinda like him
And miss him every once in a while
So I go to my room,
I open my drawer
The one that I always lock
I get out my favorite comic book
The one underneath my socks
I go and take it in to my brother
I say, “He can have a look”
He starts to turn green
and then throws up,
right on my comic book!, oh

I know I should love him,
I know that it’s true
And I will
when I turn forty-two!

© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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