There’s a Light in You

This song was written by my good friend Bob Reid. Bob has his own recordings and does great work with kids. You can check out what he’s up to (and more verses of this song!) on his web page—

There’s a light in me, there’s a light in you
Whatever language you speak
Whatever your point of view
Whatever people may say
Whatever people may do
There’s a light in you
Let your light shine through

Her eyes are brown, mine are blue
Our skins are different colors too
But there’s a light that’s shining like the sun
There in everyone
Shining like the sun

When things are bad, when things go wrong
You’re feeling weak, not feeling strong
You’ve got to keep your heart open wide
‘Cause there’s a light inside
Don’t you let it hide

There’s no one else your shape, your size
That has your ears, your heart, your eyes
If you don’t speak your truth wherever you go
The world will never know
You’ve got to let it show

I’ve got a light in this heart of mine
I’ve got to let it speak, let it shine
But I’ll never know what’s really true
If I don’t listen to you
You’ve got a light there too
So I’ll listen to you

by Bob Reid, © Saranap Music additional lyrics Bill Harley


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