Things Will Look Better in the Morning

Written after a Legos incident. Those pieces get harder and harder to work with, the later it gets. Like I said before, I’m not big on advice, but here’s some.

That’s the third time it’s fallen apart
And you want to try it again
I know you think I’m not that smart
But I can see where this will end
When you get tired, the pieces don’t fit
It makes you mad I know
It makes you mad I know
Let me tell you what your grandma said
When I was your age, a million years ago

Things will look better in the morning
Whatever it is will surely keep
Things will look better in the morning
Give it up and go to sleep

In the morning when you wake up
The sun will shine and the birds will call
All the problems that seem so big
Will hardly be there at all
I don’t know why it works that way
But I promise you that it’s true
When you get tired, you drive yourself crazy
And you drive me crazy too

Whatever you’ve done’s enough for one day
Put your head on your pillow
And float away

I know you don’t like bedtimes
But let me give you some news
I’m older but when I get tired
I get cranky too

© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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