Tommy Says

I wrote this after talking to a boy about divorce. It’s sad, but it’s important to talk about, so you know that other people have the same feelings. Better to let it out – when it feels safe to do so.

Tommy says that I’ll feel better
He felt the same way too
He says when his dad moved out
No one knew just what to do
I guess it takes a while,
and then I’ll feel okay,
I guess so,
‘cause that’s what Tommy says

Tommy says that he was angry,
sometimes he felt ashamed
Now he knows it just what happened
Now he knows he’s not to blame
But I don’t want to be different
I want things just like they were
But that might not happen,

Tommy says
Tommy says that now he sees
His mom an dad just disagree
He loves his mom and his dad too
Though he doesn’t like
some things they do
I know just what he means
‘Cause I feel caught right in between
I think I know how Tommy feels

Tommy says that he’s all right now
Though sometimes he still cries
He says that he can tell me
Though he wouldn’t tell
some other guys
He says that he can trust me
I swear my lips are sealed
‘Cause it’s nice to know
how Tommy feels

I believe what Tommy says
“Cause he is my best friend
I know we’ll stick together,
right to the very end
‘Cause you know when we’re talking
He knows just what to say
And Tommy says I’ll be okay

© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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