Under One Sky

By Ruth Pelham. Additional lyrics by Bill Harley.

We’re all a family under one sky
A family under one sky
We’re all a family under one sky
A family under one sky

Oh we’re birds and we’re trees
And we’re flowers and mosquitoes too
Oh we’re oceans and we’re rivers
And we’re mountains and people too

Oh we’re Italians and we’re Irish
And we’re Mexican and we’re German too
Oh we’re Korean, we’re Nigerian
We’re Russian and American too

Oh we’re footstompers and we’re toothchompers
We’re handclappers and fingersnappers
We’re laughers and we’re cryers
And we’re sleepers and sneezers too

Oh we’re lions and we’re lambs
And we’re cows and we’re turtles too
Oh we’re dogs and we’re cats
Some of us are pigs and kangaroos

Lyrics reprinted by permission Music Mobile Workshops Seminars Resources, PO Box 6024, Albany, NY 12206.

Thanks to Ruth for writing this song, and letting me record it – I’m not sure where her version ends and mine begins. You can hear Ruth sing it herself on her recording, Under One Sky, on Gentle Wind, GW 1012 and Flying Fish Records.

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