Wash Your Hands

When you’re sitting in class, there’s a tickle in your nose
Then you let out a sneeze, it finally explodes
You look down at your hand, it’s all covered with that goo
Don’t wipe it anywhere, you know what to do

You gotta wash your hands (lávate las manos)
Wash your hands (lávate las manos)
Wash your hands (lávate las manos)
Wash your hands (lávate las manos)

Everyone’s got germs but you keep them to yourself
Keep the colds and the flu up there on the shelf
If you want to stay healthy, there’s a little trick
Do it everyday and you don’t get sick


When your stomach is growling and it’s time to eat
Your body is hungry from your head down to your feet
Don’t eat just yet, you gotta stop, you gotta think
Before you eat your food, put your hands in the sink


Those sneaky little germs don’t want you to wash
They want everything dirty, oh yeah, my gosh
They love it when your hands are grimy and sticky
Then they grow and multiply, they’re icky icky icky!

Put your hand in your mouth and then on the door
Someone grabs the doorknob and walks across the floor
Their hand gives a pencil to someone who’s their friend
The pencil in the mouth, you know the circle never ends


And now – washing hands by the number

  1. use soap and water
  2. you make it bubble up
  3. you rub them while you sing the alphabet (abc, etc)
  4. rinse them off
  5. dry them too

The germs go down the drain and everything’s cool!

It’s just a simple thing it’s hard to believe
But if everybody did it how wonderful it’d be
We could stop the flu from spreading ‘cross the land
If everybody everywhere would wash their hands


© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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