Who Made This Mess?

People only deal with things that are right in front of their face – this is my effort to talk about the environment: We have a messy room!

It’s a sunny day, I’m on my way,
I’m headed out the door
My mom calls from the stairs,
“Hold it right there
Who left his stuff on the floor?”
I said “I don’t know mom,
but I got to go, I hope you understand.”
She says “No I don’t, and no you won’t,
you’d better listen to me young man.”

Who made this mess?
Don’t tell me it got here by itself
Who made this mess?
Don’t tell me it was left here
by somebody else
You’re the one
you had your fun
foolin’ around with this stuff
The one who plays is the one who pays,
’cause I’m not cleaning it up”

She always knows if I pick up my clothes,
she knows if I made my bed
How she sees is a mystery to me,
she’s got eyes in the back of her head
Well I try to be sly, I try to get by,
but there’s no gettin’ away
If you leave the scene and it’s not clean,
you’re gonna hear my momma say


Now there’s smog in the air,
trash everywhere & oil floatin’ out on the bay
You can ask anyone where it comes from,
but nobody wants to pay
But I’m tellin’ you brother,
if you made my mother
the head of the world today
If we don’t keep it clean,
she’ll get awful mean,
and everyone will hear her say

CHORUS (2 times)


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