You Make Me Smile

True proof that I don’t know where I fit in the music world.

Baby I was just blind, maybe I was just dumb
Baby I was lost at sea
It took something like a kick in the head
Might as well have been dead till you looked at me
You got that je ne sais quoi
That I don’t know what
There’s just something about you
Something ‘bout you turns me inside out
There ain’t no doubt, I’d be lost without you
Poets might be masters of words
But words are just a waste of time
Take a look what’s plastered on this
Face of mine


You make me smile
Whenever I think of you
You make me laugh out loud, it’s true
You make me sing
Like I haven’t in a long, long while
You make me smile

Ever notice when you walk down the street
Some people you meet, you know it’s just a shame
Walking around with their eyes on the ground
Acting like things are never ever gonna change
Acting like the moment they’ve been given
Is barely worth livin just something to get through
Their live’s just slipping away,
Nothin’ they can say, nothing they can do
Baby I was just like that, I felt the same way too
Everything was dull and flat, til I met you


My ears are ringing look at my eyelids flutter
My tongue gets tied, I start to stutter
I been living too long on the straight and narrow
Now I’m jumping off cliff and yelling “Te quiero!”


© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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