You’re in Trouble

When he got home
he walked into the kitchen
So hungry that his stomach hurt
There were cookies on the table,
sign that read
“Don’t touch, these are for dessert”
But he ate one,
then he ate another
He meant to put the rest away
But it wasn’t too long
before the cookies were gone
He heard a little voice
inside him say

You’re in trouble,
you’re in trouble,
you’re in trouble like you’ve never
been in trouble before
When they find out,
there is no doubt
You’re in trouble
like you’ve never been in trouble before

Well he’d never made cookies
but he thought that he could do it
He’d seen his mother do it before
Some flour and some sugar
there was really nothin’ to it
‘Til he dropped the sugar jar
on the floor
He took some eggs and chocolate
and mixed it all together
He poured the goop onto the tray
His sister came in,
she broke into a grin
And this is what he heard her say


He turned the oven on
and he put the cookies in
He went to take a walk outside
He let’em cook an hour,
he walked back up the stairs
He pulled the door open wide
Smoke came pouring out,
the smoke alarm was screaming
The fire truck roared
down the street
His neighbor came over
with her dog named Rover
And said in a voice so sweet


When his parents came home,
they hit the roof
They didn’t think it was funny at all
He was stuck inside all weekend
Just cleaning out the oven
and washing down the kitchen walls
He always will remember,
he never will forget
When ever something seems
to go wrong
There’s always someone
there to tell ya,
someone there to yell at ya,
someone there to sing you this song


© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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