You’ve Got to Ask

I still need to remind myself to ask the stupid question.

When I started kindergarten
Everything was new
I wondered where the bathroom was
I didn’t have a clue
I didn’t want to look too dumb
So I didn’t ask
Just sucked my thumb
When I couldn’t hold it anymore
I left a puddle on the floor

You’ve got to ask
If you don’t know
You’ve got to ask
That’s how you grow
If you’re not sure
Don’t be concerned
Go on and ask
That’s how you learn

When I got a little older
My neighbor hired me
To work out in her flower garden
Pulling all the weeds
I’d never pulled out weeds before
Which ones were flowers?
I wasn’t sure
Afraid to ask,
When I was done
I’d pulled her flowers,
Every one


It might seem crazy but it’s true
Sometimes asking stupid questions
Is the smartest thing to do

It took me awful long to learn
These things I’m telling you
And you might be a bit like me
And done some dumb things too
The message that I’m here to sing
No one I know knows everything
If I’m smart I guess that I
Will ask dumb questions till I die


© Bill Harley, all rights reserved. Reprints with permission only.


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